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Michiana Health Information Network

Michiana Health Information Network (MHIN) was formally established in 1999 with the mission to provide single source, secure access and delivery of medical information leading to the care and quality of a person. Today MHIN has a team of 18 staff members that serve over 1,000 physicians and 400,000 patients. MHIN has a diversified set of services (Community Repository, Clinical Messaging, Interface Integration, Electronic Health Record). MHIN has significant technical resources in the areas of database administration, in particular Oracle and MS-SQL, networking and technology planning. MHIN’s management team has experience in building operations for large-scale capabilities to deliver service to the ambulatory environment, consolidated to support over 20,000 ambulatory sites. MHIN also offers national scale in product and market planning and business modeling. MHIN’s community data repository and its nearly 10 years of historical results, the information is deeply threaded into all aspects of care in the medical community.