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Medical Informatics Engineering


Each product in the MIE Minimally Invasive EHR portfolio is natively integrated. Our products do not need an interpreter to talk with each other, nor do they require a special interface to share information seamlessly.


WebChart EMR can be adopted all at once or in scalable increments that are best suited for your practice. WebChart EMR is incredibly flexible, allowing you and your colleagues to document encounters with your choice of point-and-click templates, dictation, or bar-coded paper charts that can be scanned and auto-indexed into the electronic record.

Document Management

Some practices start with document management, making paper charts available online as a first step to EHR adoption. For practices who embrace electronic health records, document management is an integral and inherent solution component. Our built-in document management capability will help you convert from paper to electronic, and will help you manage the paper flow from outside sources.


The Minimally Invasive EHR platform also includes a RIS/PACS (radiology information system/picture archiving and communication system) for the management of radiology studies. Our RIS/PACS is natively integrated – built on the same EHR platform. Our RIS/PACS is also natively integrated with our EMR, with no need to develop and use a custom interface.
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