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Indiana Health Information Exchange

The Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE) is a non-profit company founded in 2004 by a unique collaboration of 13 institutions representing Indiana hospitals, healthcare providers, researchers, public health organizations, and economic development groups. Now a 38-employee organization, IHIE is a leading provider of scalable health information exchange services with demonstrated and sustainable technologies and processes. IHIE’s vision is to use information technology and shared clinical information to: (i) Improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care; (ii) Create unparalleled research capabilities for health researchers; and (iii) Exhibit a successful model of health information exchange for the rest of the country. IHIE’s many programs include:
DOCS4DOCS is a self-sustaining, community-wide clinical messaging service being used by over 12,500 physicians in Indiana within a network of 39 hospitals, delivering over 5 million messages a month. This provides a single source for clinical results including laboratory, radiology reports, transcriptions, pathology and admission, discharge and transfer information.
A Real-World Clinical Repository is a nearly self-sustaining service currently in use at over 130 sites in Indiana, storing data on over 6 million patients and utilized by approx. 15,000 active users. Each data source organization maintains control over its own data while IHIE manages and administrates the databases.
Quality Health First (QHF) allows for robust reporting to providers on their patients, focusing on chronic disease management. QHF incorporates the use of claims information from participating payers with real-time clinical data. In addition, QHF provides reports to the payers on how physicians are doing in supplying quality care for all patients the physician has responsibility over. Payers in turn reimburse those physicians at higher levels based on their quality measures.

More information at www.ihie.com