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HealthBridge has offered operational health information exchange since 1998. Its mission is to build a collaborative network of organizations and technology to improve the quality and efficiency of health care delivery. With 25 full-time employees, HealthBridge has 10,000 physicians in its provider directory across 48 states, 2.5 million patient records in a population area of 2.2 million people. HealthBridge serves approximately 250-300 physicians (with an estimated 80,000 patients) in Bloomington, Indiana and the surrounding counties. HealthBridge also serves as a consultant and collaborative partner to many other HIEs around the country, including HealthLINC in Bloomington. HealthBridge is the nation’s leader in sustainability, with less than 3% of its operating revenues over 10 years coming from grants or charitable sources. For the last 5 years, HealthBridge has had revenue over expenses while growing its operations and service area significantly and making key investments and upgrades in its technology infrastructure. Healthbridge’s accomplishments include:
  • Achieving a remarkable 85% participation among physicians and hospitals participating in HIE in the Greater Cincinnati region;
  • Offering a broad range of services, including: clinical messaging and electronic results delivery, ambulatory order entry, electronic disease reporting and public health alerts; and web-based eligibility and claims status checking. In limited production are pilots for e-Prescribing, disease registries, quality reporting and improvement tools;
  • Several planned service expansions, such as immunization information, summary record exchange, and personal health record integration/patient communication tools.


More information at www.healthbridge.org