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We Connect.

BioCrossroads has launched several initiatives and industry/academic collaborations to pursue new life sciences opportunities. Our organization also has provided a platform for the launch of other enterprises, including funding and science education initiatives.

We Invest.

BioCrossroads created two life sciences funds in order to breathe life into our local VC market. The Indiana Future Fund, established by BioCrossroads and managed by Credit Suisse, is a $73 million fund of funds that provided the foundation for Indiana’s venture capital growth.  The $6 million Indiana Seed Fund was established in order to provide critically-needed capital for new companies to form and secure additional rounds of early-stage venture funding.

We Educate.

BioCrossroads promotes our life sciences strengths, successes and opportunities within the State of Indiana – and far beyond. For example, BioCrossroads is working to expand science and math education in grades K-12 and higher learning institutions through partnerships with our higher education institutions, the state, and business leaders.