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School of Informatics, Indiana University

Health Information Technology (HIT) Projects

Recent Health Informatics faculty and research projects include new approaches to extracting knowledge from clinical databases, finding new ways to share healthcare decision support data, and assisting cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy via sophisticated web-based decision support tools. At IU- Bloomington, projects include disease models that simulate world-wide epidemics and home-based ubiquitous health computing applications which allows frail elderly to continue to live in their homes.

Related Programs

The Health Information Administration (HIA) Undergraduate Degree
Health information professionals work with clinical, financial and administrative staff in health care to interpret data for patient care, conduct statistical reporting and planning as well as medical research. They are experts in coding and classification systems, managing patient health information and administering computer information systems.
The Master of Science in Health Informatics (HI)
Health Informatics uses information technology along with information management concepts and methods to improve the delivery of healthcare. This program prepares the students to play key roles in the areas of computerized patient records, cost reimbursement, clinical decision support systems and integrated health information systems.
The Informatics Doctoral Program
Students who specialize in health informatics study such topics as electronic health records, health data exchange, standards and terminology for health data, clinical decision support, consumer health informatics, technology to enhance patient safety, teleheath application development and implementation, ontologies, mining clinical data and natural language processing.
For more information www.informatics.indiana.edu