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Regenstrief Institute

The Regenstrief Institute operates the Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC), the system that securely aggregates and accurately delivers patient information such as lab results, reports, medication histories, treatment histories and more in a standardized, electronic format, across healthcare providers. It is widely considered the nation's most advanced and secure community health record system.


  • Developed The RMRS -- one of the first electronic medical record systems in continuous use since 1973
  • Participant in the National Health Information Network
  • Leaders in clinical standards development and use: HL7, UCUM and LOINC®
  • Assists ISDH in statewide syndromic surveillance efforts called Public Health Electronic Syndromic Surveillance (PHESS)
  • Developed and maintains clinician-facing software: Gopher, and OpenMRS, a community-developed, open-source, electronic medical record system framework.
  • National Leadership participation: Members, NCVHS and newly formed National HIT Committee
More information at www.regenstrief.org